Asset Management Services

Besides providing installations and maintenance servicing for solar and wind farms, as well as our Greenhouses, we also offer asset management services, under this program we will make annual, or as requested, inspections of your energy asset, usage and provide a detailed report on asset status and best use maintenance or improvements to your system(s).

The Solar Advantage

There are a multitude of advantages for using a solar and wind energy over regular grid connected energy sources. The main difference is that with your own system, you control the power you need and the power you produce. And, in most cases, your system with SolaraTec® will produce more power than you need.

Energy Consumption Analysis

The first part of getting the best answer to your Energy Needs is to assess your needs today and what they might be in the future. As you expand, your needs will certainly increase. At SolaraTec® we can design a system that meets and exceeds your needs today but is easily updatable and expandable to meet and exceed your needs tomorrow.

Climate Change Effect

Climate Change is affecting us all. But have you ever thought about how Climate Change will affect you and your business in the future. Will you need more power, more HVAC, more equipment, more staff? All of those will effect the best solution(s) for your Renewable Energy System.

Replacing On-Grid Energy

Well, Clean Energy is not a pipe dream. We, at SolaraTec®, can provide systems down to a single residence up to a Municipal-sized system(s). From the SmartFlower® to a Solar Field, from Solar Greenhouses to Wind Farms, we can solve your power needs with affordable, efficient and dependable power.