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The Huma Gro® Solution for Greenhouse Plant Nutrition

Huma Gro® offers a complete line of liquid plant nutrition powered by our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® nutrient carrier.

10 Reasons Why Huma Gro® Liquid Plant Nutrition Products Are Perfect for Greenhouses:

  1. Huma Gro® nutrients don’t tie up with each other. For example, Huma Gro® Calcium and Super Phos® (phosphorus) mix beautifully.
  2. Creating a Hoagland solution has never been easier. Stirring in dry fertilizers and working to get everything into solution is no longer necessary. Nutrients don’t have to be kept in separate tanks; most greenhouses will only need 1 or (maybe) 2 nutrition tanks per crop. Plus, we have the technical expertise to help you create the exact nutrient solutions you need!
  3. Storage of highly concentrated Huma Gro® liquid products is easy. You don’t need to worry about products accidentally getting wet (as can happen with dry fertilizers). All the liquid nutrients can be kept together on the same pallet.
  4. Ease of application! Huma Gro® liquid nutrients can be applied through drip irrigation, foliar spray, in hydroponics, etc. Any way that you apply water to plants can be used to apply Huma Gro® liquid plant nutrition. With our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® (see below), nutrition efficiently moves into roots and leaves and is rapidly metabolized.
  5. Do you need organic nutrients for your greenhouse operation? We have that too: Fertilgold® Organics—also with Micro Carbon Technology® for more and faster nutrient uptake.
  6. High efficiency fertilizer means lower EC to the plant. For example:
    • Huma Gro® Super Phos® (0-50-0) vs. Phosphoric Acid.
      • 76L (107kg) Super Phos® vs. 1,000 Kg Phos Acid.
      • Super Phos® EC = 1.41. Phos Acid EC = 19.61.
      • 10 times less Huma Gro® product required due to Micro Carbon Technology®, while EC applied to soil/plants is 14 times less!
  1. With the Huma Gro® complete liquid nutrient line, you can spoon feed your crops exactly the nutrients that are needed at each growth stage, from germination to harvest. If a nutrient need or deficiency is identified at any time, you can dial in and provide the exact nutrient the crop needs when it needs it.
  2. With our carbon-based Micro Carbon Technology® nutrient carrier, plants are always receiving carbon along with the nutrients. A key limiting factor in most crop nutrition is carbon, that’s why most greenhouses have increased CO2 Added carbon in each product is a big bonus.
  3. All Huma Gro® products are highly quality-controlled products, devoid of heavy metals and other impurities. Cleaner products = cleaner crops.
  4. The Huma Gro® liquid plant nutrition and Fertilgold® Organics product lines offer technical products for a technical grower. Our expert staff can help fine tune and dial in exactly what the greenhouse grower needs to produce a premium crop.

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Huma Gro® and Micro Carbon Technology®

Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) is a proprietary blend of extremely small organic carbon- and oxygen-rich molecules that act as a source of carbon and provide an ultra-efficient vehicle to move nutrients and other molecules into the plant through the soil and/or the leaves.

MCT is developed from a unique organic material from a mine in the northwest United States that is composed of many small and unique organic acids. The product is a soft, humic material that is highly mineralized and rich in carbon, that was never compressed or heated to become coal. We break down the organic acids into even smaller carbon molecules (MCT), concentrate them into a liquid, and use this as a base for all our products.

MCT is an ultra-efficient delivery system that allows growers and greenhouse managers to achieve far more with much less product. With MCT, growers can decrease input volume while increasing yield. Many inputs harm the soil: Huma Gro® products have a positive environmental impact while promoting overall soil and plant health. Also, MCT provides an instantly available carbon source for the plant and soil that plants and microbes can immediately use.

It’s the size of the carbon molecule that makes the difference. While humic acids can have thousands of carbon rings and fulvic acids can have hundreds of carbon rings, our MCT carbon molecule has fewer than 10 carbon rings.

Products powered by Micro Carbon Technology® can be up to 10x more efficient than conventional fertilizers. Building upon an MCT base results in:

  • Lower EC applied
  • Enhanced activity and diversity of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Improved soil structure.
  • Enhanced nutrient availability and uptake.
  • Dramatically increased product use efficiency.
  • Improved water quality
  • Increased carbon

Huma Gro® products with Micro Carbon Technology® rapidly deliver essential nutrition to crops for optimal growth, fruiting, and vigor. The results are higher quality yields, increased yields, and maximum profit.

Huma Gro® Product Highlights

There are over 60 products in the Huma Gro® product line. Here are highlights for just a few selected for greenhouses:

  • PROUD 3®—an organic, OMRI-listed crop protection product. It is a safe and effective, foliar applied broad-spectrum insecticide, miticide, fungicide, bactericide. The mode of action is as a contact killer. As an insecticide, it works best on soft bodied insects or on the juveniles. It is an excellent control for thrips, aphids, and white flies. This organic biopesticide will not prevent workers from staying in the greenhouse. PROUD 3® is also a great post-harvest wash and equipment sanitizer.
  • PROMAX®—an organic OMRI-listed, EPA-exempt crop protection product. It is a protective and curative soil-applied pesticide recommended for control of plant parasitic nematodes and soil-borne diseases. The mode of action is as a contact killer. There is no restricted use, so it can be applied throughout the entire growing season. PROMAX® is a good tray dip for extended disease control to use before finished plants ship to farmers/retailers. Make farmers happy that they are getting a cleaner transplant.
  • START-L™—an excellent nutrient mix on seeds for rapid and increased germination and uniform early emergence. START-L™ is also effective as a foliar spray for seedling growth and as a root dip or drench to keep transplants from going into shock.
  • BREAKOUT®—designed to feed the natural metabolic process within the plant for enhanced bud initiation, flowering, and fruit set. When applied to roots, BREAKOUT® is effective at providing needed nutrients for fibrous root growth and enhanced root mass development.
  • VITOL®—feeds the natural metabolic processes within the plant for vegetative development and fruit sizing. It increases the nutrient uptake of the plant and smoothly transitions the plant through its growth stages. It also improves plant recovery from environmental stresses during peak crop demand periods. When applied via irrigation water, VITOL® provides necessary nutrients for root growth and elongation that are critical in tap root crops.
  • SURF-MAX®—a blend of nonionic surfactants designed to improve both penetration and lateral movement of water within the root zone and increase moisture retention in the root medium. By improving the infiltration and distribution of water in the soil profile, SURF-MAX® ensures that growers can maintain yields while improving water use efficiency. (Watch this video for a demonstration:
  • ZAP®—an organic-based formulation of nutrients for feeding the native beneficial root microbial balance, which indirectly results in the natural improvement of root and plant health. When used in conjunction with VITOL® and BREAKOUT®, ZAP® is an excellent root stimulator.

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