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SolaraTec® is experienced in Greenhouse technologies to assist you during the conception, project design, delivery, installation and service stages. SolaraTec®

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When you need to provide unlimited, renewable, clean power to replace or supplement the power grid, a SolaraTec® Commercial Solar

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Through our strategic partnership with Green Energy Group, SolaraTec® offers complete design, install and maintenance for state-of-the-art Wind Farms.  We

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When it comes to getting (and paying) the energy bills at your business changing out your existing lighting with Long

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At SolaraTec® we offer the complete line of products from HumaGro®.  HUMA GRO® is a line of liquid plant nutrition products

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Want the best in Solar Power for your Business, Greenhouse and/or home?  The SmartFlower® POP is absolutely the newest technology

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About Us

Solar.  Oh, it’s the only way to go.  Here in California, every new home is now required to have energy efficient, renewable solar as integral to the home.  And why not, it’s clean, renewable, available when the grid shuts down…heaven forbid…and keeps getting more and more efficient. What I say?  Go Solar. 

Mary Designer

I was a “field farmer” for a long time but was introduced to a friend that swore by greenhouse farming.  So I checked it out.  It is nothing short of amazing.  I can produce up to 700% more crops using about 10% of the water in greenhouses than I ever could in a field situation. …

Billy Entrepreneur

It seems so logical, we went with Greenhouses for growing a few years ago.  Amazing yields, minimal issues with pests, 10% of the water for field grown crops and, with grow lighting, we can totally control the growing cycle(s) of our crops.  But the best decision we made was to add Solar power to our…

Albert Shop Owner

You could say that I’m an “old fashioned farmer.”  I’m kind of proud of that actually.  But you can “teach an old dog new tricks.”   After decades as a field farmer, I explored Solar Powered Greenhouses.  I have to tell you it’s amazing.  I am able to be in a controlled environment and deliver produce…

David Business Owner
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