Bringing in your SmartFlower® Power with you if you’re Moving?


Moving to another location while being an owner of a typical solar panel system can be more expensive than worth the price to move.  However, with the SolaraTec® SmartFlower Solar System, moving your solar is as simple as disconnecting the power cabling from your existing home, putting your SmartFlower® on a trailer or in a truck, delivering it to your new location, and hooking it up there.  Simple, safe, affordable power…when and where you need it.

Additional pros:

  • Attractive Design;
  • Simple to Install;
  • More Efficiency;
  • Competitive Price;
  • Dual Axis Tracker follows the Sun, and then Folds for the Night;
  • Available Version with Built-In Power Back-up;

The SmartFlower® features an exceptional warranty, great durability, high performance, as well as an aesthetic design suitable for any commercial or residential installation.


  • Year: 2015
  • Project: Solar
  • Customer: Wallahia Inc.