LED Lighting Options

LED Lighting Options


When it comes to getting (and paying) the energy bills at your business changing out your existing lighting with Long Lasting, Energy Efficient LED Lighting can save you an amazing amount on your energy bills. Whether your project is a small plant or a huge manufacturing plant, our technical specialists have a multidisciplinary focus to meet your organization’s individual needs. SolaraTecs® services can include:

  • Permitting and Siting;
  • Complete safety and code compliance plan review of all systems and installations, according to applicable local and international codes;
  • Installation and product plan review;
  • Product Listing and Options with projections for savings;
  • Complete Installation;
  • Replacement and Warranty Services;

Our global presence and knowledge of local regulations, allows us to assist you in a multitude of fields no matter where your lighting project may be.

Call Chris Rea today at (913) 710.8398.  The estimate is free and the savings incredible.