Our Mission is to provide solar and other sustainable energy solutions contributing to a secure, clean future.

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Solar’s panels generate electricity from FREE Sunlight. The newest designs boosting the power generation up to 20-40%. And no one positions you for energy management success like SolaraTec®, with high-performing systems that generate exceptional value over the life of your system. Teamed with our State-of-the-Art Greenhouses, Ground or Gutter-Mounted Solar and/or Wind Options, SolaraTec® offers Power and Growing Options second to none.

  • Highest production: Solar panels produce an average of 60% more energy in the same space over 25 years, compared with conventional panels. That’s the payoff of Solar’s world record-setting innovations;
  • Built to last: Solar offers an industry-leading, 25-year Combined Power and Product Warranty so your investment is secure. But with a warranty return rate of 0.005%, you’ll probably never need to use it–only one out of every 20,000 panels ever gets returned under warranty;
  • Power & Growing Options: Solar Farms, Ground or Gutter-Mounted Solar Energy Support, State-of-the-Art Greenhouse Technologies, Energy Saving LED Lighting and more provide only the best options to our clients.


Project Assistance

When it comes to reducing or replacing your energy bills for your business, agriculture needs, municipal power need, lighting and more, SolaraTec® will gladly assist you. Whether your project is a Photovoltaic (PV) Farm, a Greenhouse, or other need, we’re here to help!

Technical Due Diligence

Our Technical Due Diligence services support owners and businesses during planning and installation of any other project involving a new energy project or upgrading an existing facility. Ensure the Feasibility of Your Project with Our Technical Expertise Team.

Engineering & Construction

Our dedicated team is backed collectively by our more than 20 years of energy, development an installation excellence, making SolaraTec® uniquely qualified to deliver seamless, cost-effective and highly efficient renewable energy solutions of every type and size.

Industrial Wind

SolaraTec’s Strategic Partners have a decade of experience in design and installation of Industrial Wind Project. If you want to power through wind or incorporate wind and solar together, we can design the perfect system to meet you needs today and in the future.


Our Mission is to provide energy, lighting, growing and related solutions contributing to a sustainable, efficient and clean future. We are active environment fighters and participate in government and private events to support environment defence.
Your overall experience is our top priority. We bring a local focus backed by decades of knowledge and experience, and we pride ourselves on acting as your single source product and service provider. Our clients are saving tens of thousands on their power costs. Plus, we are always here to provide service after the sale to ensure a smooth operation and maximum ROI.
We also continue to strive to provide cutting edge products and services while training our staff to offer solutions that best match our client’s needs…today and for the decades to come.

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